Thursday, 17 April 2014

7 Great Products for High Speed Perfect Nails

Most girls want perfect nails, let’s face it, but I’m not sure who has enough time to get down to the salon each week to get their nails done.  Having just spent a couple of weeks eyeing up the nail bars in the US – more prevalent than here – usually on route somewhere fast, the office, the gym, dinner, whatever, my search for perfect nails has come down to a few tried and tested products I wouldn’t go anywhere without and which I know will help when I’m in a rush.
 Scholl Foot Smooth Shower Scrub Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Perfect nails come with perfect hands and feet (we wish) so firstly grab yourself a tube of Scholl Foot Smooth Shower Scrub which moisturises and exfoliates your feet at the same time – use it in the bath or shower, and Clarins’ Hand and Nail Treatment Cream to use every evening at least.  This of course is all prep but if you can start as early as possible you’re setting the scene and won’t be starting out with dry hands and feet which need initial lengthy attention before you can bare all.
Barry M Nail Paint All in OneJessica Rejuvenation BasecoatSeche Vite Fast Dry Top CoatOrly Flash Dry Top Coat
Invest in the following for high speed perfect nails – Barry M Nail Paint All In One Base Coat, Top Coat and Hardener, which is excellent particularly for travelling, alternatively if you’d rather use individual products, Jessica Rejuvenation Base Coat, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and, essentially, Orly Flash Dry Drops.  Plus of course the nail colour of your choice, my favourite currently for summer is OPI Glitterzland – but then I always go for gold when it gets sunny and it seems to last a lot longer  than darker colours.
OPI Glitterzland Nail PolishThere are loads of different products out there – I’ve tried a number of them and always return to my favourites I’ve listed here, and judging by the way my daughter always pinches them it’s not just me.  These are all great for perfect nails in a hurry.  Roll on summer.