Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Best Workout Pants for Curvy Girls - Product Reviews

 Under Armour Perfect Capri Pant
As someone who's extremely fussy about their workout pants, and most, I find, are too tight, too low cut, too revealing, too shiny, too short etc etc etc I was trying on Under Armour's 'Perfect' Capri Pants thinking 'oh yeah this'll just be another one of those' to discover myself slipping comfortably into a peachy feel matte fabric flattering fit with the right amount of rise and a well cut leg.

I am I have to say not tall (understatement) but on me these come to well below the knee, so they don't look like gym only pants but can be happily worn all day.  Or you can invest in the longer version.

Under Armour is a US brand famous for men's sportswear and compression wear for rugby etc.  Well known for innovative products they've now launched seriously in the UK although they're not that easy to find.

John Lewis have started stocking the 'Perfect' capri pants as do Next, Amazon and Zalando (and ignore the coloured waistband at Next, they are in fact black throughout.  Debenhams have a full length legging and Zalando the tracksuit bottoms, all in the same matte fabric which I think is so much nicer than the shiny fabric so much workout gear is made of which says 'hey I'm just off to the gym' but not much more.

 Under Armour Perfect Tracksuit Bottoms

These have a flattering fit and wash perfectly.  They work for everything.  I am now a collector so these are well tried and tested......and a perfect shape for curvy girls.