Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Sports Bra that Thinks it's a Fashion Accessory - Tried and Tested

I think most sports bras are pretty unattractive.  They do the job but quite frankly you put them on to work out and then change into something else immediately.  Maybe I’m different to most, but I don’t want to wear something I have to struggle to get into (and then out of), nor a sports bra that makes me look like I’m wearing some kind of bandage, whatever the colour.

Berlei Underwire Running Sports Bra Purple Berlei Underwire Running Sports Bra CoralBerlei Underwire Running Sports Bra

I discovered Berlie’s Underwired Sports Running Bra recently and I have ditched the rest.  The fact that this bra offers not only really good support, is like a normal bra to wear (although you can cross the straps over if you want to) and comes in colours such as coral, purple and storm blue as well as boring old black and white makes it quite irresistible.

This is a hard sports bra to track down, so I’ve linked each picture to a different site.  Many stock it (or have stocked it) and most have sold out of many of the sizes.  But it’s well worth the chase if you have a few moments.  They say hand wash, I machine wash mine cold and dry on natural heat.  No problems so far. 

Having looked everywhere from M&S to Victoria’s Secret (silly but hey) for a sports bra I didn’t hate and needing something that was secure if I choose to run and that goes beyond a cup size C, this is a real find.  As I said above.  Catch it (or several) if you can.

You can also find it at Simply Beach, Gym Republic, and on Berlei’s own website, although as they are on sale most sizes have gone.