Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What You Might Love but Men Will Hate you to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Some women dress for men, most dress for themselves, because they want to look fashionable, attractive, stylish etc etc etc.  However with Valentine’s Day coming up you might like to consider what not to wear if there’s a man you want to dress up for.

Theory Silk Crepe Jumpsuit There are some trends that women love to wear because they're in fashion that we know men don’t like (putting it mildly) either because we’ve read it in the glossies or been told in no uncertain terms. 

These include but aren't limited to:
Onesies (really?)
Androgynous pant suits – because who really wants to look like a man, anyway?
Anything very boho or ethnic. 

There are those who can carry off these looks or pretty much any look figure-wise, but most men won’t appreciate the lengths these women have gone to to look contemporary and will only pass them by as they find them turn offs.

Apologies to those who think they look great in a jump suit.  They may, to themselves or female friends or male fashion writers but to the majority of the man-world they simply won’t. 

Overtly sexy and seductive can also be a turn-off, a trying too hard placard begging ‘come and get me’.  I’m talking about too short skirts, too tight dresses, too much cleavage on display.  All of these are loved by many  men, by the way, and they’ll be the first to admit it, however it depends on what you’re looking for from the occasion, and a sexily confident but not over-obvious wardrobe choice works best with a hint of this and a glimpse of that – vamp it all up from the start, with a man you don’t know that well, and he may run before the main course.

Yummie Tummie Lace and Stretch Slip
Too tight is also ‘not good’.  Wear what you know looks good on you.  What fits perfectly.   Those who try to slide into that constricting sheath dress with lumps and bumps on display and every line in the book outlined clearly will be doing themselves a disservice. 

It has to be said that those who look best in ‘shapewear’ are those who need it least.  If you do invest in shapewear make sure that it doesn’t make matters worse.  Nothing can camouflage to perfection, lumps and bumps just tend to get moved around, after all they have to go somewhere....... better be clever and comfortable if you’re particularly curvy than offer the alternative.

M Missoni Armadillo Knit Dress
A beautifully cut dress, the right length for you, gorgeous, well fitting lingerie and gleaming bare pins with valet parking heels will work every time.  You have assets and you know what they are, and you can show them risk free. 

The list of what not to wear for a man goes on and on – they can be difficult creatures to dress for, so this Valentine’s Day take no risks and dress for the occasion.  Sexy, Sassy and Subtle.......