Monday, 17 February 2014

Fashion Trends: The Dungaree Dress and Lilac Lipstick – Love or Leave…..

Whistles Dungaree Dress The dungaree dress and lilac lipstick (or lilac anything, really) are two fashion trends for spring 2014.

Fashion trends are created to enjoy, to take up if you feel like it (and can afford to move with fashion’s vagaries) to grab and run with (in which case they’re probably ‘trends’ that have come around again) or avoid because they won’t suit you or they’re too young.  The dungaree dress falls into the latter category to me.

I have to say I don’t understand the dungaree dress.  It’s either for the very young and/or extremely slim and fashion crazy. What most men will think when their woman appears out for dinner in one I can only guess but I suspect it will go into the list of items of clothing that men hate and fashion victims feel they have to try because it’s so…..very……now.

I asked my 23 year old daughter what she thought, and she commented that you have to be skinny, and or ‘edgy’, and that essentially it will make curvy (as in large cup size) women look larger so make sure you check from the side before you splash the plastic.

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On to lilac lipstick.  Matt or otherwise.  Lilac is a very blue based colour which will only suit some people – I’m not one of them.  There are some very pretty shades of lilac lipstick around and you may want to try it but be careful.  There are better ways to wear this trend if you don’t suit the colour as lipstick (or blush), but lilac is going to be everywhere this spring.

We all have our own style, and we all want to look ‘put together’ but most often that means wearing what you know suits you, rather than what the fashion magazines recommend.  Dungaree dresses and lilac lipstick won’t be on my shopping list this spring.  Yours?