Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cowboy Boots to wear in Texas, Paris or London

Corral Cowboy BootsCowboy boots are a perennially cool pair of boots to wear with your favourite jeans and they work everywhere.  The downside is that you may  have to do a bit of work to wear them in so that they’re really comfortable, the upside is that once you’ve done that they’ll become your best footwear friend.  Wear them travelling, out to lunch, walking the streets of Paris or London (or anywhere else) and of course you’ll find the best ones in Texas.

Mexicana Apache Studded Cowboy Ankle BootsMexicana Appliqued Distressed Leather Cowboy BootsKentucky's Western Cowboy Boots

Net-a-Porter has sprung a new line this season – Mexicana – with studded, appliqued and distressed leather cowboy ankle boots, and you can find brands Kentucky’s Western, Tony Mora, AALM and Levi at Zalando, where the prices are lower.  If you want the real thing you need to get your self over to Dillards, and choose from the collection of cowboy boots by Luccese and Corral.  Yes you’ll have to pay shipping, yes you’ll have to pay duty, however having seen these in the flesh I can tell you they’re worth the short wait.  And isn’t it preferable to wear something no one else has managed to get their hands on?

Tony Mora Cowboy BootsAALM Cowboy BootsLevi Cowboy Ankle boots
Inevitably you’ll find the best selection of cowboy boots in the US, but don’t be put off by the sizing difference.  Click here to an international shoe sizing conversion chart.  Although all manufacturers use different lasts, shoes tend to be much truer to size than clothes and so are easier to buy online.  The usual rules apply, however, and if in doubt go half a size up, particularly if the shoes or boots are very narrow in the toe or very high, wCorral Lace Embroidered Cowboy Bootshen your foot will be pushed forwards.

If I had to pick one brand it would be Corral, where the range of colours and styles is seriously good, from classic distressed loo leather boots like the ones you can see on the right, to more decorative embroidered boots in pink, blue and red.  They all have the traditional pointed toe and ‘Cuban’ heel.
Luccese Western Boots
You’ll also notice that most of the boots are tall shaft boots as opposed to ankle boots.  As originally cowboy boots were designed as riding boots, unsurprisingly, traditionally, they came up above mid calf.  So if you want to look authentic that’s what you should look for.  Cowboy boots that are ankle boots are new style, not that most of the people you meet will know the difference………..