Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fitness Tips: A New Pilates Workout DVD

Resistance band exercises combined with Pilates in a DVD you can do at home is such a good solution to working out when you have little time (or can't get out), particularly when it's broken down into 10 minute sections.

Having worked my way right through this one I'm really impressed by it.  Inevitably she goes a bit fast to start off with, and you need to do any of these DVDs several times to get the hang of them properly (so don't give up), but the presenter, the same one from Pilates Perfect Body (another favourite) is very clear and makes you want to do more.

There are so many resistance band exercises and different pieces of kit, from seriously strong bands with which you can do just about any gym workout as long as you have somewhere to hook them properly, to beginners exercises, and many at all levels are covered on YouTube.

This is a very good resistance band exercises video on YouTube or the Bikini Body Workout (which you can do with her as she does all the reps) and there are loads more.  For these you will need a set of resistance bands or power tubes (really the same thing, it just depends on what you prefer to use).

Digressing from Pilates I know.  If you don't have a set of bands, love the idea of Pilates and want to make a start then get yourself a mat (essential) and this Core Fitness Pilates Mat is excellent and a good size and order the 10 Minute Solutions Pilates resistance band exercises DVD which comes with a latex band.  And you're all set.