Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target – Available at Net-a-Porter on Feb 9

Peter Pilotto for Target at Net-a-Porter If you’re already a fan of Peter Pilotto’s instantly recognisable colourful and kalaidoscopic digital prints then you may well already be in the know of the news that the design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos have collaborated with US superstore Target to produce a ‘Peter Pilotto for Target’ collection of 70 pieces with ‘accessible to everyone’ prices. 

A curated selection from this range will also be available at Net-a-Porter.com, the go-to place for everything designer online from fashion to lingerie to beauty.  Inevitably this gives the new low priced collection an international reach and tons of publicity for the brand, the superstore, and the designer emporium which can only be good for everyone.

Knowing Target well you’re unlikely to find the whole collection in store, most of what was there will have disappeared in a matter of seconds, however if you’re quick enough you’ll be able to order online – and I mean really quick.  The same will go for Net-a-Porter.com, where lovers of Peter Pilotto will leap at the chance of picking up a dress or jacket for far below the high prices normally associated with the brand.

Even if you’re not sure that this is a brand whose diffusion line you want to buy into make sure you, like every other true fashionista, has signed up for the Peter Pilotto for Target updates at Net-a-Porter.  This is a launch that no one in the know should miss, and after all, if you buy something you don’t want to keep for ever you’ll always be able to get far more than you paid for it on eBay.