Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How Stretching can Improve your Workout

Astone Fitness Stretch Buddy
Last week I had a training session at my favourite gym in Dallas.  I had been trying out a new 20 minute treadmill glute targeting workout (it’s great, btw) for a couple of days and noticed that my shins were sore.  My trainer, told me that this was a result of not stretching properly before and after doing this workout.

Every day there’s a new piece about Fitness - HIT (High Intensity Training) – how you can get fit in 7 minutes a day – what exercises should you do at the gym – how to lift weights etc etc etc but there’s very little about stretching, which can carry as many benefits as going to the gym and for those who do or those who don’t workout carry lifestyle benefits that go on and on and include helping you to walk taller, be more agile and less likely to injure yourself. 

Stretching exercises not only release muscles you use at the gym, essential if you’re not going to hurt yourself, but they improve flexibility, lengthen tight muscles and improve posture – straightening you out as it were, essential for those who spend much of their time at a desk. 

Read the Huffington Post’s article on 10 Easy Stretches for Better Posture – I’m not sure that all of these are that easy, but it’s well worth a read.

The Stretch Buddy is a brilliant tool that takes up no room at all, and is seriously good for helping you to stretch.  You can order it through Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com.  It comes with an instruction leaflet.  Take it with you everywhere you go and use after the gym and also when you’ve been travelling.

Stretching exercises make more difference than you think to how you look and feel, so it’s well worth giving them a go, however much you may dislike the gym……….