Sunday, 8 December 2013

10 Pairs of Favourite Warm Lined Boots

Celtic Sheepskin Himalayan Calf Boot Being a Brit it seems preposterous that Dallas should be hit by an ice storm taking the temperature down to a mean –7 degrees and not getting much above it for a week.

I didn’t expect it to be very warm – well it was 80 degrees last week – but might be forgiven for thinking that I wouldn’t freeze as I do out in the wilds of Bucks where I live in a barn.  However with an arctic ice storm, which apparently hits about once every ten years, you need every layer you can put your hands on, from thermals to fleece, a down coat, warm pants and boots. 

Needless to say I left my snow boots at home, but luckily had recently invested in a pair of warm lined leather boots with good rubber soles, on which I walked the 2.5 miles to, and back from, Wholefoods Market the day after the storm hit.  Again being a Brit, and not treating this as some exceptional event as most did here, I was the only one out walking. 

But I would quite like to have had these with me.  One of each at least………

These first boots are NOT really designed for walking in ice or snow.  They may or may not be waterproof, but they do not have the thick ridged sole you need to get the best grip possible.  Best for walking when it’s cold but not snowy or icy as you may slip.  Other than the Dune boots they also may not give you enough support at your ankle if you slip.

Celtic Aqualamb Calf BootWLM New Zealand Avalanch BootsDune Faux Fur Lined Crepe Sole BootsUGG Classic Tall Boots
Moving swiftly on to what would really work out here this week, you’re looking for something with a decent ridge sole, ankle support and that will walk you through and over pretty well anything.  These are still not proper snow boots, but chic, warm and you could walk a fair way in them. 

Steve Madden Faux Fur Lined BootDune Black Faux Fur Lined Leather BootPeter Kaiser Warm Lined BootsTommy Hilfiger Warm Lined Boots Terranova Warm Lined Boot

These on the right are the ones I wore for my 2.5 (mustn’t forget the .5) mile walk in Dallas on the ice and they did me proud with a fine but warm lining and a flexible slightly ridged rubber sole.  And they kept me warm and dry.  Not for snow of course.

When buying boots at this time of year the thing that is the most important after do they fit you is the sole, as any boot with a flat rubber or crepe sole simply won’t do the business on any kind of terrain other than normal rain or dry.  If you want fully waterproof you have to specify that, and don’t take anyone’s word for it unless it actually states that they are.

It’s still freezing, but I’m off to Houston for a couple of days tomorrow so my Christmas shopping is on hold until I get back…….maybe.  And when I come back I’ll definitely be bringing my snow boots – just to ensure sunbathing weather.