Sunday, 29 December 2013

Men’s Cashmere on Sale 70%+ off – Snap it Up

Moss 1851 Pure Cashmere Jumper For those of us…..note that……who wouldn’t scramble through the high street sales if you paid them, hunting down that elusive cashmere jumper can be tricky as most of the decent bargains go instantly.

Cashmere is always worth searching for, most of the time it’s not on sale if it’s worth having, however when you find a man’s cashmere v neck sweater in a well known brand (and in Italian cashmere, no less) down from £240 to £69 you may well, despite it just being straight after Christmas, think of someone who ‘needs’ said sweater.

It’s well worth having a quick browse at Moss (otherwise known as Moss Bros) who are offering their Moss 1851 Italian cashmere v neck jumper in red, grey, navy or black and seem to have some left. 

I doubt that they have loads of stock so take a look as soon as you can.