Sunday, 15 December 2013

How to Choose Gifts for Girls

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne Choosing gifts for girls can be harder than you think, unless you’ve been listening to the hints dropped over the past few months.  And it’s harder than ever if you want something gorgeous that doesn’t cost the earth.

Some men are brilliant at choosing gifts, if you’re one of them stop reading right now, you probably know all of this, however if you’ve got it wrong in the past, or you’ve just run out of ideas, here are a few things you should consider before you take the plunge no matter who you’re buying for.

The problem is should you buy online or go to the stores.  My choice (well it would be, wouldn’t it?)  is to stay in and do everything online.  NOW.  Visit stores you know or you’ve been recommended and check the delivery dates for Christmas.  There is still time. 

Fragrance – Bath and Body
:  Don’t just splash out on any old fragrance or bath and body product.  Buy one that you know she wears and likes.  Most people have a particular ‘fragrance style’, be it floral, oriental or citrussy and you’re not going to change them.  Also bear in mind that a cardinal sin is to buy something you’ve enjoyed sniffing on someone else – a) your receipient may not like it and b) it will probably smell different on her.

Safest is to go with the actual fragrance that you know she wears, or something in the same style as a bath and body product such as a luxurious scented candle or shower gel.

Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Shower Gel - Sweet and FruityTrish McEvoy Blackberry & Vanilla Body Polish - Modern Fruity Fragrance Diptyque Indian Incense Holiday Candal 

:  This is a difficult one if you don’t want to spend too much – there’s a whole load of junk out there that sparkles nicely in the shops.  Don’t do it.  Buy something simple, small and special (and beautifully boxed).  And real, preferably.

Pink Tourmaline Butterfly NecklaceSterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Flower EarringsLabradorite Flower Drop Earrings  

Cashmere Accessories:  So many to choose from, from hot water bottle covers to bed socks.  Don’t buy the hottie cover unless you really think she uses one or it’ll be wasted.  Cashmere socks, scarves, arm warmers, mittens……the list is endless and you’re unlikely to go wrong with anything cashmere.
Cashmere Fingerless GlovesCashmere Snood - Four ColoursCashmere Bed Socks - 8 colours  
Brand Values:  I always think that brands are very important come Christmas time (or any other gift giving time).  Something small and beautiful from a special or unique brand is much more covetable than something more expensive from a mass market or generic brand.

Brands I particularly like for gifts are Trish McEvoy (make-up, skincare and bath and body products), Diptyque (luxurious French scented candles, fragrance and bath and body), Philosophy  (fragrance and bath and body products), Perilla (luxury alpaca socks and knitwear, cashmere and superb fake fur accessories), Lilia Nash,  (hand made jewellery) Hush (cashmere and accessories) and Astley Clarke (jewellery)

Buying online makes it much easier to stop and think, you’re not surrounded by people making lots of noise, nor bombarded by vast amounts of product.  And of course you don’t have to schlep, queue and carry.  Well I would think that way, wouldn’t I?…………