Monday, 30 December 2013

Beauty Reviews - 5 Favourite Face and Body Scrubs - Tried and Tested

There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal recently about ‘Exfoliants for Born Again Skin’ telling us what we all know already, that exfoliation is key for a smooth polished radiant skin.  And exfoliation has to come first before your skincare regimen and makeup will work.

Think you don’t have time? Add one or two of these fast acting polishes into your shower or bath routine and you’ll find that you do.  Nothing takes longer than a few minutes.  And the difference, in terms of how well your expensive cleanser and moisturiser work, how clear and bright your made up face looks, and how baby-soft your skin feels is well worth the tiny amount of effort involved.

Body and facial scrubs and exfoliators abound and knowing which one to choose can be tricky, so here are five I would recommend, tried and tested, that work brilliantly (no pun intended).

Facial Exfoliators and Masks
Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial – It’s no wonder that most of the large department stores have sold out of Clinique’s Instant Facial online.  Acting as a masque and exfoliator in one this leaves your face feeling instantly fresh and smooth.  You’ll find it at Selfridges and also at Boots right now.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a fast acting but gentle exfoliating peel.  Stronger than the Clinique you won’t be using this every day, but the results are an instant improvement to the surface and clarity of your skin. Buy it at Liberty or at John Lewis.

Philosophy The Great Mystery
The beauty of Philosophy’s The Great Mystery is that you can use it every day as an instant facial, and you’ll see and feel the effects immediately.   It takes about one minute……

Body Scrubs and Exfoliators

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream
I have to confess I normally prefer body exfoliating creams and scrubs that come in a tube rather than a pot (don’t ask me why), but having bought Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream in a hurry a while back I am rapidly becoming addicted.  Dip both hands into this giant pot and use everywhere to retrieve soft sparkling refreshed skin. Keep it by your bath and use every day.

Molton Brown Ambrusca Wash and Scrub
Molton Brown’s Ambrusca Wash and Scrub is perfect for travelling and quick and easy to build into your daily routine. 

Trish McEvoy Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub
And one for luck………Trish McEvoy’s deliciously scented N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub is one to keep by your bath and try and prevent everyone stealing it if you can.  Incorporating one of her best known fragrances, smoothing beads and oils to keep your skin moisturised, one of the more luxurious scrubs.  But it’s a huge pot and will last for a long time if you’re lucky……….