Friday, 8 November 2013

The Best Cold Weather Padded Coats and Jackets

Burberry Padded Coat
Padded coats used to be seen as something you wore, yes when it got very cold, but mainly out of town.  I find my requirement for warmth takes over the minute the temperature drops – you’ll find me walking the dogs in my two sizes too big long Max Mara eiderdown coat once the freeze sets in, however that’s a look I wouldn’t want to show in town.

As someone who lives much of the time out in the wilds of Bucks and travels into London regularly as soon as it gets cold I live in padded coats.  The divide for this indispensible piece of kit is those that will look good anywhere, and those that should be kept strictly for dog walking.

Jigsaw Padded CoatWeekend by Max Mara Padded Coat   Hugo Boss Quilted Reversible Padded Coat

If padded coats and uptown chic sounds like an oxymoron things have moved on a great deal, and you can find some wonderfully warm coats that will do the job wherever you are, look chic at the same time (depending on what you wear them with) and keep you warm as cold as it gets.

At the designer end of the market you’ll find some great coats and jackets, high prices and modern shapes.  Look at Burberry, Moncler and MaxMara’S Max for choice.  A really good padded coat will last for years, so the investment, if you fall in love with something, is unlikely to be wasted. 

Moncler Padded CoatMax Mara'S Max Padded Coat Moncler Fitted Padded Coat
Lower down the price ladder but no less uptown chic there are coats by Jigsaw, Max Mara Weekend, Geox and many more. 

    Geox Padded CoatArmani Jeans Padded CoatHetrego Black Down Coat
Best Mountain Padded Coat  Juicy couture Padded JacketGeox Long Padded Coat
My preference is always for something that covers your bum if you’re going to wear it out of town, preferably with a hood, and with an optional belt.  Belts and padded coats don’t always go together ……….