Saturday 9 November 2013

Delia Smith – Perfectly Decadent Chocolate Truffle Cake

 Chocolate Truffle Cake
This wonderful chocolate truffle cake (or torte) by all time favourite Delia Smith will never make you fat, because you’ll be lucky if you get a look in.

I made this for Boxing Day lunch with a crowd of kids and friends and they scoffed every last mouthful, demanding to know the recipe to give to their partners/mothers/sisters……so they could have it again.

Rich, velvety smooth and with the after-glow of rum and crispness of Amaretti biscuits, this is a party dessert  recipe that will never let you down.  You can make it several days in advance and it’ll sit good temperedly in the fridge until you need it.

A couple of hints.

Make sure that you don’t try and take it out of the fridge too early – if it gets warm it goes very soft.  And follow Delia’s instructions for this recipe exactly with regards to letting the chocolate mixture cool down.

You can find liquid glucose at Waitrose and Amazon online and also larger Tesco stores.  My advice is to buy online and keep a couple of tubs or tubes in your pantry, it’s hard to come by in normal stores.  Just before using sit on an Aga or radiator to soften, then it’s easier to measure out.

I always use a non stick springform tin as once you’ve run a palette knife around the edge before serving it’s easy to take it out.  But still grease it and use a base of greaseproof paper.

The other chocolate heaven favourite – Delia Smith’s Wonderful Chocolate Mousse.