Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beauty News – Luscious Plum Eyeliner and Shadows and the Best Brush for Turning Eye Shadows and Pencils into Eyeliner.

There’s a moment when the beauty news is all about blue – usually at the start at summer, and then suddenly the mood (and the weather) changes and the only colour that works is luscious, deep, smokey plum for eyeliners and shadows.  Not purple, you understand, although some palettes can include a colour that veers that way, but delicious black/red plum.

Kevin Aucoin Burgundy Eyeshadow Charlotte Tilbury Amethyst Eyeshadow Pencil Nars Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not one of those who favours loads of eye shadow, in fact I’m deeply against it as it always looks unnatural and I think it’s best left to those of a certain age, ie much younger than me and probably around my daughter’s age, however I can be tempted by a hint of colour to add depth, and a wonderfully deep eyeliner and a dash of mascara usually does the trick.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Plum Eye PencilNars Eye PaintBobbie Brown Long Wear Shadow Stick in Violet PlumBobbi Brown Black Plum Eyeshadow

In any case, whatever you do, unless you’re about to walk the red carpet, down the catwalk or appear on stage it’s important to wear what works for you and keep it natural.  It’s all too easy to peruse the glossies and then fall into fashion victim mode where clothes, accessories or cosmetics are concerned.  As an avid collector of all three I still try to stick to my own rules, no matter how much I’m tempted to make a break for it and try something totally new.

Dior Waterproof Eyeliner in Plum Tom Ford Eye Colour QuadSisley Phyto Kohl Eye PencilIllamasqua Eye Palette in Empower

Anyway, enough of that, there are plums just waiting to be plucked out there – take your pick. 

Trish McEvoy Eye Liner Brush Beauty News - Turn your deep eye shadows and eye shadow pencils into fine eye liner with Trish McEvoy’s perfect eye liner brush and use it wet or dry.

There are loads of eyeliner brushes out there, angled or otherwise, but Trish McEvoy has one of the best.  I may not be the cheapest, but it won’t splay out or shed, and will last you for line after line. 

You can use it with your deep shadows, wet or dry, or create a fine line from soft chubby eye pencils.  Trish McEvoy has a wide range of brushes at the top end of the range and with makeup brushes you definitely get what you pay for.