Monday, 30 September 2013

Shearling Coats and Jackets – Eight of the Best this Winter – and 6 perfect fakes including Michael Michael Kors and Armani Jeans.

Celtic Shearling Coat
Shearling and sheepskin coats and jackets are always investment buys, but worth it.  Not only are they the warmest things you can put on your back once the cold sets in, but you can use them as blankets and throws and they last for ever.  Literally. 

This year the search is harder because the price of shearling has risen and there are only a few designers who have produced collections that are ‘reasonable’ and not up in the stratosphere.

Burberry London Belted Shearling coatJaeger Shearling CoatLK Bennett Sheepskin GiletDom and Ruby Light Brown Shearling Coat LK Bennett Sheepskin JacketCeltic Toscana GiletCeltic Wrap Coat
   There are some great ‘faux’  or fake shearling coats and jackets around as well which will do the job nicely although they won’t keep you quite as warm.  By designers such as Michael Michael Kors and Armani Jeans. Unless it gets really arctic who cares, they’re great to snuggle in, with modern styling and flatteringly cut and in any case if you want to stay on the right side of your bank manager you may choose one of these. 

Michael Michael Kors Faux Shearling JacketMango Faux Sheepskin Coatoasis faux shearling drape jacket
Armani Jeans Long Faux Shearling JacketLong Faux Shearling Coat Armani Jeans Faux Shearling Jacket
With a faux shearling you can choose a more modern design and play with colour if you choose, although black, brown and light brown tend to look the most realistic.  With some of these it’s very hard to tell the difference. 

With the real thing choose a classic/modern shape and preferably a coat that comes down far enough to keep your bum warm.  You won’t regret it.  And only go for belted (done up) if you’re slim enough and tall enough, as shearling will always add some bulk no matter how flattering the design.