Sunday, 29 September 2013

From Chocolate Tea to Mango Ceylon – A Tea Lover’s Paradise at The Republic of Tea

Red Velvet Chocolate Tea I have to confess that I now have a drawer full of tea, mostly chocolate tea I’ll admit, in the instantly recognisable packaging of The Republic of Tea.  Why someone hasn’t yet opened up a Republic of Tea outlet here in the UK I have no idea (although I gather that they are quite picky so maybe we haven’t come up with the right solution yet) but you can order from them in the US.  If you haven’t tried them before use the excuse that the present giving season is fast approaching and make sure you order extra. 

You may quite rightly say that I am slightly bamboozled by the packaging, however having Republic of Tea Mango Ceylon Tea tried many of these teas I can safely say that not only are their Chocolate Teas the best and most richly flavoured I have come across, but Mango Ceylon, English Breakfast, Caramel Red Apple and Cinnamon Orange will be my winter Caramel Red Apple Tea warmers this year as last, being five of my favourites, and there are more. 

Tea officionados are probably going to start griping at me any moment, but yes there are teas here for you as well, from rare loose leaf tea to more traditional varieties, herbal teas and a huge selection of caffeine free teas.

It may cost a little more to have these teas shipped to you in the UK but frankly in this case I think it worth it.  Having given quite a lot away from my travels to the US I can only say that it is always received with a huge smile and I am always asked for more……… If you’re listening….if you could hurry up and get over here properly soon it would be very helpful.