Monday, 5 August 2013

Fitness for Travel–The Only 2 Pieces of Kit you Need

Nike Trainers
Whether you’re travelling for work, or off to the beach, fitness for travel is probably the last thing on your mind, no matter how many times a week you normally workout.

Most hotels have a gym of some sort.  So needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway) if you’re staying in a largish hotel you won’t need anything other than your trainers (and kit).

But there are other times, when you’re staying with friends, or renting a house, or travelling around a lot, when it isn’t so easy.

Dyna Band
There are just two pieces of kit you need for travel fitness; a great pair of trainers (and those above are my favourites du jour by Nike), and a Dyna Band, an extremely light piece of stretch plastic that you can use for a resistance workout equivalent to most of what you can do in the gym in terms of resistance, stretching, toning and sculpting.  Dyna Bands have been around for a while, and while you may think that this lightweight piece of plastic won’t help you very much, get the right band for your fitness level and you can have an excellent workout from something that takes up next to no space in your suitcase.

Make sure you get the Dyna Band with the right resistance for you; grey will give you the most resistance, then purple for those who already work out regularly, green which is the standard strength and pink which is the easiest. 

Personally I think it helps to have a disc to work with, as there are so many exercises you can do with one of these, but once you’ve put together your own routine you’ll add to it as you go, incorporating exercises you already do in the gym.

Resistance Band Pilates To get some idea of what you can do with one of these bands you can watch this workout by Fitnesscentral.

You can buy resistance tubes also in different weights, although they will take up more room in your suitcase, as will leg weights, an ab roller and any other piece of kit you want to take.  Not to mention the extra weight you’ll be carrying on the plane.

Happy Holidays……….