Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Genius Little iPhone Gadget

Powerbank iPhone Gadget Charger This has to be the cheapest and most useful iPhone gadget you’ll find anywhere, and I won’t leave home without mine (or both, and yes I have two).

Yes it is a portable charger, but it’s incredibly light, very efficient, small, and you can use it to charge both your blackberry and your iPhone on a trip away, as I just have.  It comes with a USB cable, however I took a Blackberry mains charger and the PowerBank (for iPhone) with me.

There are hundreds if not thousands of iPhone gadgets out there, some are brilliant, some are fun and some totally useless.  There are also more powerful versions but they all tend to be heavier and don’t plug straight into your iPhone. 

I really dislike the way that the iPhone runs out of charge, even if I’m out just for a day.  That’s what you get for having a piece of kit with so much versatility that you want to use a great deal.  I’m also one of those people who likes to be fully charged as much of the time as possible.

If you don’t ‘do’ gadgets, or are bad about keeping them charged, then this isn’t for you.  Otherwise you should get one (or two) and keep them charged and ready.  It really is a genius little iPhone gadget and you’ll never be without power again.

One thing you should know, is that if you have one of those very thick protective cases for your iPhone you probably won’t be able to plug this in properly as the case may get in the way.