Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Best Travel Gadgets and Essentials to Make Life Easy

As a self-confessed travel gadget collector, and one who travels as much as she can, I seem to be regularly updating my collection of essentials that go everywhere with me, from gadgets that will charge everything on the move to noise cancelling headphones and mini speakers.

I do this research inadvertently for most of my family members and friends, so here are my ten favourites, many of which will slope off into someone else’s bag this summer and which I will immediately replace if I can because I’d hate to go anywhere without them….

Coloured Lockable Luggage StrapsSamsonite Luggage PadlockWorld Travel AdaptorPortable Battery Charger
When you’re standing waiting for your luggage to come off the belt in a sea of black, coloured luggage straps will make you stand out immediately, I’m always surprised that more people don’t use them.  Likewise a coloured padlock and/or tag.

Universal travel adaptors have now solved the problem of having to have a different one for each country, the only problem is keeping all the bits together when you get back…. and this portable battery pack is one of many you can find, however this one is extremely high powered and with its two USB ports it will charge up practically anything, wherever you are, in the car, plane or your hotel room, and it will also charge two devices at the same time.

JVC Noise Cancelling HeadphonesJBL Micro Portable SpeakerXMI X Mini Max Rechargable Speakers
The best noise cancelling headphones are without a doubt those by Bose, but they are very expensive unless you’re going long haul frequently.  These JVC headphones do a good job of cutting out the sound also, and when you want to make some noise you can just plug this JBL mini portable speaker (or several) into which ever device you choose, or try the excellent sound of the XMI X Mini Max Duo Rechargeable Speakers.

Two for the girls; one of my absolute essentials for travelling is a cashmere wrap, Travelwraps are beautiful quality Scottish cashmere and will last you forever, and again although this may seem to be an investment, by the time you’ve worn yours as a blanket, wrap or throw, you won’t want to be parted from it.  A word of caution, don’t lend yours to anyone, it most likely won’t come back to you.

And finally my Trish McEvoy makeup organiser goes with me everywhere.  You don’t have to just include Trish’s products, you can find less expensive brushes and liners etc although everything is the highest quality and again, will last you for years.  I haven’t found anything to rival this.  And it’s a real treat as well.
Cashmere Travel WrapTrish McEvoy Makeup Organiser

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