Sunday, 21 July 2013

Michael Michael Kors – The Summer Tote Collection

Michael Kors Red Tote Having used my Michael Michael Kors signature logo tote more times than I care to remember I thought I’d have a browse through the new collection.  This may turn out to be a mistake, as Michael Michael Kors has done it again, with a collection of summer totes in a range of colours from brights to neutrals, one of which you’re surely going to want to have with you soon whether you’re shopping, out to lunch or away.  And yes I do too.

The wonderful thing about these totes is not just that they’re high quality, well designed and in everyone’s favourite colour (well one of them, surely), but that they hold everything you could possibly want, from iPad to purse to makeup and more.  That can be the downside too as hoisting one of these fully laden on to your shoulder can seriously weigh you down.

As a tote addict I would always say start with a neutral that goes with everything, and then once you’ve collected light tan, black, navy and vanilla or white go for a bright.  You may not use it for very long each summer, but it will never date and you’ll have it beside you year after year.  Trust me on this.  Great totes never date.  You may want to add a new colour, but you’ll still go on using them year after year. 

Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Tote in PomegranateMichael Michael Kors Brown Logo ToteMetallic Leather ToteBlack Perforated Leather Tote
Michael Michael Kors Dark Beige Leather ToteMandarin Perforated Leather ToteMichael Michael Kors Turquoise Jet Set toteMichael Michael Kors Vanilla Leather Chain Tote   
Even the roomiest of these bags will have a zipped pocket, and almost all have a mobile phone pocket as well, so whilst you’re rummaging around for that pen that’s dropped right to the bottom, at least you can grab your phone in an instant, and have access to anything important instantly.

These bags are great for travelling as most have a slightly grained surface which means that they’re extra hard wearing and will look good for much longer than smooth leather bags.

The joy of Michael Kors’ collection is that it isn’t anything like as bank breaking as most other designers.  Go on, treat yourself, buy two……

Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Classic Tote Michael Michael Kors Violet Leather Tote