Monday, 22 July 2013

Labradorite Jewellery from Astley Clarke, 10 Pieces to Light up Summer

Labradorite Aqua and Moonstone Bracelet I’ve written about labradorite before, but my love of labradorite jewellery continues and each season there are new pieces to lust after and acquire if you can.  Labradorite is special because it changes colour, from green to blue and purple, depending on the light, and it also glows in the dark, an effect that is known as labradorescence, and that is unique to labradorite.

Labradorite is used to many different types of jewellery, from rings, to pendants, bracelets and earrings, and it’s one of those stones that is subtle enough so that you can wear several pieces together without looking contrived.  They’ll all have different colour strands in any case, and so although people may ask you what stone(s) you are wearing, they won’t necessarily assume that it’s the same stone.

Labradorite Drop EarringsLabradorite PendantLabradorite and Moonstone RingLabradorite Earrings
The beauty of labradorite is that is quite unusual, although more and more contemporary designers are discovering it, so you can find a wide range of prices, depending on the metal and the designer, plus the size of the stones used.
 Labradorite Charm BraceletLabradorite Thundercloud RingLabradorite, Smokey Quartz and Tigers Eye Bracelet by Pippa SmallLabradorite Ring
You’ll find labradorite in different settings from modern to classical and it’s often mixed with other gemstones such as smokey and clear quartz, tigers eye, moonstone and aqua, all having colours that reflect and set each other off.  Start your collection now.
Labradorite Ring by Carla Amorim