Monday, 22 July 2013

How to Untangle a Knot in a Chain Necklace the Easy Way

Astley Clarke Pendants One of my favourite necklaces (a chain) managed to get to the stage where it had five tiny knots in it and shortened it as a result, so I wanted to find out the best way to untangle a knot in a necklace without going nuts. After trying one or two and doing some research I found the definitive way, which I thought I would share with you as everyone I speak to has had this problem at some time or other.

You will need:  a plate (or flat surface), some olive oil, and two pins.  All you do is put the chain on the plate (surprise surprise) drizzle some olive oil over the knots and then work at them gently with the pins, and voila, the slipperyness of the oil will cause the knots to come apart easily and then you can undo them.  End of necklace knot stress then.

Don’t be tempted to pick the chain up whilst doing this as you will tighten the knots again, and keep all chains fastened from now on to make sure you don’t get any more knots…….