Monday, 8 July 2013

6 Body Lotions with SPF to Add to your Summer Routine

With just every BB cream and CC cream and moisturiser containing SPF it’s surprising that body lotions haven’t caught up yet.  If you like to wear a strappy dress during the day when the sun’s out and don’t want to use a proper sunscreen doesn’t it make so much more sense to be able to use a body lotion with SPF in the morning, just as you do probably automatically with your face?

Having searched the web and beauty emporiums there aren’t a whole lot of body lotions with SPF on offer, particularly by premium brands, but these would do the job perfectly, and at a wide range of prices.

Kiehls Body Lotion with SPFLa Prairie Body Lotion with SPFVitage Hand and Body Lotion SPF
Best from a price point of view is Palmers Cocoa Butter with SPF 15, however my favourite is Kiehls (surprise surprise) – a great product from a seriously good brand and definitely on my shopping list.
Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion SPFMD Skincare Body Lotion with SPFL'Occitane Fresh Body Lotion with SPF
Hopefully more brands will be adding SPF to their body lotions soon, it’s about time – why would you just protect your face every day, when a little sun begs for bare legs and shoulders at the very least?