Friday, 19 July 2013

5 Long Lasting Blue Eyeliners and the Best Nail Polish Quick Dry

Blue eyeliner seems just right for summer, but you want a long lasting eye liner that’s with you whatever you do, and that lasts all day.  So many smudge or leave the premises if you get hot, or need re-applying throughout the day.  These 5 will stay with you as long as you want them to.

Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner PencilBobbi Brown Steel Ink Gel LinerTrish McEvoy Arabian Nights EyelinerNars Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner PencilDaniel Sandler Waterproof Long Last Waterproof Eyeliner
Laura Mercier’s deep sea blue creme longwear eyeliner is waterproof and vibrantly coloured.  Perfect for days in the sun or when you want a colour that will stand out.  Steel Ink is a new colour to the range of award-winning gel eyeliners by Bobbi Brown, and you’ll find Denim Ink and Cobalt Ink as well, depending on how dark you want to go.

Trish McEvoy’s deep blue powder eyeliner/definer needs to be applied with a thin slanted brush and you can put it on wet or dry.  Wet will give you a deeper and more defined effect (and longer lasting) than dry, which you can smudge as you wish.  Nars Larger than Life Longwear Eyeliner Pencil is designed to be smudge-proof, long lasting and dramatic, with blue eyeliner colours which include Abbey Road (bright blue) and Rue St Honore (deeper shade of blue)

Daniel Sandler’s Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner is the least expensive here at just under £10 and is waterproof, soft and smudge proof.  Try it in Blue Velvet for summer.

Orly Flash Dry And finally,  Orly Flash Dry is the best quick dry for nail polish out there.  For anyone who wants to be able to walk away from doing their nails without hanging around waiting for them to dry you simply can’t miss out on this, available in every store in the US and from one or two here.  Just a couple of drops after you’ve finished doing your nails and within a few minutes they’re done and ready for beach, bar or barbeque. 

And instead of a top coat try Seche Vite (before you use Flash Dry), which gives a quick dry glossy finish to your mani or pedi.  I always use both for stress free nails.