Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where to find Summer’s Pretty and Plain T-shirts in a Rainbow of Colours

White Stuff TopT-shirts are a summer staple whatever the weather, and as someone who normally collects hers in the US I decided to do a trawl of the high street to find the equivalent here, good value, colour rich, and as pretty or plain as you migWhite Stuff Navy t-Shirtht want.

Not being a patterned t-shirt person I decided that I was looking for two things, high quality, a variety of necklines and care-easy.  I visited several stores, online and off, looking for a good choice, and I have to say it was a task.  I expected to find what I was looking for at M&S but if the style was there it wasn’t in a fabric I wanted, and some of the colours were right out of any spectrum that I would want to wear. 

The best choices were undoubtedly Uniqlo and White Stuff.  The former for the shapes and colours (and Uniqlo Cotton V Neck T-Shirtprice) of fairly basic styles but with flattering necklines and fine fabrics – all perfect for layering, and the latter for some of the prettiest t-shirts and tops in different paintbox colours, about three times the price of Uniqlo, but more wearable on their own.

At Uniqlo you’ll find just about every colour under the sun, from brights to faded neutrals and at White Stuff the colour palette is designed to work with the whole range, so there isn’t such a choice.  Both have excellent white options for summer.
Uniqlo Modal Linen t-Shirt
I don’t think you can have too many t-shirts in your cupboard, for wearing out under a jacket, for going hiking in (!) wearing to the gym or simply slipping over your favourite pair of jeans.  I have to say that patterned t-shirts leave me totally cold, embellished?  Maybe.  Unqlo is perfect for plain coloured t-shirts and White Stuff for t-shirt tops to dress up as much as you want.  And by the way both are selling out fast, particularly in white – of course, summer’s favourite non-colour……