Friday, 14 June 2013

The All New Fitflop – Ready to Run In

Fitflop KYS Having written before about how I must have run over a quarter of a mile in my Fitflop sandals a while back at Chicago airport, and having had my favourite pair chewed by puppies not that long ago, I thought it was time to re-visit this excellently comfortable brand.  Fitflop are not the sandals (or shoes) you’re going to want to wear out to drinks in town most likely, but they’ll get you there so happily that you probably won’t want to take them off.

The whole point of Fitflop is the microwobble board technology in the sole which is supposed to tone your legs and bum as you walk, activating certain muscles and also diffusing underfoot pressure.  I can’t vouch for their effectiveness, only to say that they are the most comfortable sandals I have walked in, let alone run in.

New into the collection are the Fitflop Flare for those who like a bit of sparkle, alongside their  mainstay (and cheaper Astrid).  Then there’s the pillar box red Kys slide, which has a cork wrapped sole;  back strapped and sparkling again Limited Edition Fitflop Suisei, the Super T Sneaker and more including clog type slippers which if you slip into in the morning you’ll find you may forget to change later.  Having just sneaked a peak under my desk I can see I haven’t yet stepped out of mine…….
Fitflop SuiseiFitflop AstridFitflop Super T Sneaker
 Fitflop may seem like a bit of an investment for something you may not have tried before – they’re definitely not cheap, I can only say that I’ve had my (now chewed pair) of gold sandals for about five years and I’m still wearing them.  And I’ll be adding to my collection very shortly.  And as for the slippers……time to go and put on my trainers.

There are loads of places you can find Fitflop, search on Amazon and you’ll find some good discounts, if they have the particular pair you’re looking for in your size, however the place I have always bought mine is Cloggs, where the range is excellent and the delivery as speedy as you could ask.  Cloggs stock lots of other footwear brands including Converse, Ugg Australia and Ash.