Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All Charged Up and Ready to Go–Two Handbag Friendly Portable iPhone Chargers

As someone who is obsessed with keeping their mobile charged, and used to carrying two charged Blackberry batteries around with them (yes I’ve got it badly) it came as a shock to find out that I couldn’t go on doing this with my new iPhone.  Researching portable iPhone chargers I came across these two and they both do the job excellently well.  One is for days out and the other will take you away for a weekend.  And you can carry both around with you.

Power Bank Portable Charger for iPhone 5
This Power Bank portable iPhone 5 charger is inexpensive and took a few days to arrive.  I have to say that the cable that came with it was not that good, however the charger itself is excellent.  Charge it up, slip it into your bag, and it’ll give you a good back-up charge for a day out.  As I had Blackberry chargers from my previous mobile the fact that the cable that came with this was slightly squashed at the important end didn’t bother me, it may do you, however I don’t see anything else to rival this by price, weight or efficiency.
Anker Portable iPhone Charger
To call the Anker a portable iphone charger is slightly misleading as it will charge anything from your iPad to your Xperia and pretty much everything in between.  It has two USB ports and a load of different adaptors for Blackberry, Apple and onwards.  It is slightly heavier as you’d expect from something carrying quite so much of a punch, and you need to take the cable with you, which you don’t with my other choice, however if you’re going on a long haul flight or a weekend away it will do the job with ease, and can charge two pieces of kit at the same time.

There are a lot of iphone cases with batteries you can buy, however I prefer something separate which I can just use when I need it.  These two chargers seem flexible enough to cover most eventualities and to cope with my need to being fully charged at all times.

Stuck as I am at the moment without internet as someone has hijacked my broadband line, and relying on friends and outposts with wi-fi to be able to work until it is sorted, I’m currently ensconced at the Landmark in London, where wi-fi will set you back a fiver for the day and the people couldn’t be more helpful.  Which charger do I have with me?  Daft question, actually I have both.  Just in case…………