Saturday, 18 May 2013

Zoom Cafe Blandford Street London | Delicious Food in a Tiny Bustling Restaurant

Zoom Cafe
Zoom Cafe
is one of those restaurants (because it’s more than a cafe) that unless you read about it or hear about it from a friend, or live or work nearby, you’re unlikely to come across.

Simply designed and very small this is the place to come to if you want a quick or informal and not expensive lunch or dinner, and many do, as when I’ve been there it’s always been full.  Having been turned away the first time I tried to visit I now book ahead every time.

Situated just around the corner from the top of Thayer Street (or bottom of Marylebone High Street), Zoom Cafe doesn’t immediately draw you in, unless you spot the number of diners, dressed in anything from jeans to suits, sitting at tables close together and obviously having a good time.

Start with marinated olives with your glass of wine, go the whole hog and have a three course meal or, as we did yesterday, choose one course (the son had a grilled chicken burger and thin, beautifully cooked chips and I had grilled sea bass with salad).  The food is always delicious whether you go for one of the unusual salads or something more traditional and the menu is extremely varied.

I’ve been to Zoom Cafe more times than I can count and I’ll be back there again soon.  Don’t complain about the closeness of the tables, go somewhere else if you can’t deal with that, the owner and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and quick and the excellent modern international food makes this restaurant well worth a visit.

On a final note or two, to book call 020 7935 4626 - Zoom Cafe is situated at 1 Blandford Street, London, W1U 3DA. 

Finish with a wonderful cappuccino and don’t forget the biscotti – they’re out of this world and extremely dangerous to dieters.  And no I didn’t.