Friday, 27 November 2015

How to Get Perfectly Polished Pins | The Best Body Scrubs and | Moisturiser with Fake Tan

Molton Brown Body Scrub It may be getting chilly, but there's no doubt wherever you are that perfectly polished bare pins beat tights every time.  Which is why you won't spot a star sporting anything else.  So banish your leg-ware to the drawer and concentrate on having pins you can be proud of all the year around. 

Here (where I am now) on the other side of the pond everyone expects that the cold days will alternate with warmer days particularly in Texas, and so unless Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub they really want to cover up all the time most women are ready to bare their pins at a moments notice.  Which takes some work of course.  You’ll need a seriously good body scrubs plus a moisturiser with fake tan to work it as easily as possible.

If you really want perfect pins you’ll no doubt have been out running with a trainer at 5am every morning, beating it down to the gym, using leg weights etc etc but for those who haven’t gone or don’t go that route it’s not too late to get your legs looking good for day or night.

clarins Body Scrub One of the best ways to get good looking legs and banish the winter blues is to first use a body scrub, and then moisturise as much as you can.  I like to use a moisturiser with just a hint of fake tan, as last minute tanning products are risky to me, My all time tried and tested favourite is Shiseido Daily Bronze.  There are loads of excellent body scrubs out there also, but these three are the brands I return to over and over again.Shiseido Moisturiser with Fake Tan

Use both every day and moisturise preferably twice a day.  And of course this applies to arms as well. 

Other useful pin perfecting activities are to go get a pedicure and then keep it up, hot tail it down to the gym and use the cross trainer or treadmill (not necessarily to run, but to walk uphill).

Every little bit will help, and the earlier you start the better.  It's never too late

I’m out in Dallas right now and used to the vagaries of the weather, 70 degrees in January is no surprise falling to around 45 the next day – seriously, so you really do have to be ready for anything.