Wednesday 20 March 2013

Toulouse Dallas Texas – a Parisian Cafe in a Tex Mex World

Toulouse Restaurant
Having spent twelve hours on a plane yesterday (two of them waiting for a stuck tug to be removed – work that one out) and two hours in immigration, it was lovely to be escorted at 9.30 Dallas time, trying to forget that it was 2.30am London time to a restaurant recalling, as they put it, ‘a Fin de Siecle Parisian Café’, in the heart of Dallas and Tex Mex country.

I’ve been to Toulouse several times.  It’s very much designed as a Parisian cafe, and whatever time of day you drive past, as it’s right on the sidewalk, you can see it crowded with people drinking coffee, having brunch, lunch, tea or dinner. 

Toulouse main course
The food isn’t grandiose French but simple French bistro style (with an intentional Belgian twist), and you can have your Moules avec Frites, French Onion Soup, Trout Almondine or Bouillabaisse or come back at the weekend for brunch and choose from Eggs Benedict, Short Rib Hash (not quite so French) or wonderfully slimming Belgian waffles with mixed berries and whipped cream.  And more.

Toulouse Dessert
Toulouse is always crowded but you’re always made welcome and they can usually find you a table.  Moreover at 9.30pm yesterday, which is late to eat out for the most part here and the restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived and empty apart from us when we left there were no ‘could you please move on’ looks coming our way. 

If you come to Dallas have a meal here, it won’t break the bank, either.