Thursday, 21 February 2013

Toy Watch – Fun, Functional and Totally Tempting


toy Watch

ToyWatch was founded in 2005 in Milan by watch lovers Marco Mavilla and Mara Poletti, who were initially taken by surprise by the immediate success of their innovative, glamorous and reasonably priced watches and decided to build a brand.

Vintage Chrono ToyWatch Their baby has now become a cult worldwide, with new collections being introduced all the time, new styles, straps, colours and embellishment so that whatever you’re in the mood for, if  you’re thinking of a new watch, you’ll probably find one here.  Best of all, it won’t break the bank.

You can fall in love with just one watch or become a collector and own colours to suit what you’re wearing or how you’re feelinPlasteramic all blackg.   My favourites are the ones you can see here; Mood enhancing Velvety Red, Vintage Chrono with a navy and bordeaux fabric strap; Maya  with its woven ‘ethno-chic’ strap and classic face and I have to admit Plasteramic All Black with Swarovski crystals because there are days when a girl just wants to sparkle a little bit more………Maya ToyWatchor a lot.

The days when ToyWatch just came in a couple of styles and colours are now long gone, and you’ll find the brand on every major city shopping street.  However glitzy you want to be, there’ll probably be a watch for you.  You can find them in quite a few of the online boutiques as well, however you won’t find the full range unless you check here on the main ToyWatch website.



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