Friday, 7 February 2014

The Art of Giving Luxury Gifts on Valentine’s Day

It may seem simple, you want to give someone something really special this Valentine’s Day, and no you’re not looking to give a huge rock, just a luxury gift that’s a little extraordinary and will show how much you care.

Just splashing the cash is never the answer, nor is stopping off at a luxury store for a quick browse in the knowledge that the store is stuffed with luxurious items any number of people might covet.  The art of giving luxury gifts is to find something that yes, may cost a good bit more, but will also be perfectly suited to the person you’re shopping for.

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Luxury gifts can include anything from weekends away (somewhere very special), cashmere, jewellery and watches, handbags, cufflinks, shoes (and I’ll come back to that), lingerie, luxury leather goods for men, tablets and onwards.  But the main thing is this:

Before you even start to go shop, make a list of the items that you know he or she loves.  Don’t consider things that you love, this is not about you, but about the person you’re giving to, so if you find a superb quality cashmere wrap that you know she will love don’t think for a moment that you should buy it in a colour that you’ve never seen her wear.  If she always goes for neutrals, stick to a new neutral. 

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Men can be more difficult to buy luxury gifts for as they tend to be even more defined in their likes and dislikes and the last thing you want to hear is ‘can I take it back?’.  Consider their dress style, and the things they already own and go along those lines then you can’t go wrong.  You’re not going to change them (and that’s a whole other subject).  Having two grown up sons who are totally different in style I know these things so trust me.  And yes they both love luxury but who doesn’t?

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On the subject of taking things back.  If you’ve spent a great deal of money of course you want your gift to be loved and appreciated, but however much research you do you can still get it wrong.  Be man enough (if you know what I mean) to let him or her change what you’ve given if they want to, perish the thought that all that money should go to waste on something beautiful (to some) but unwanted by others.  Best of all, if they do want to change your gift, go with them and throw in lunch at somewhere special.

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If you’re short of time buy from places that you know have presentation down to a fine art.  You don’t have to go out and buy the paper and ribbon any more, you can have it all done for you, however I suggest you write the card yourself.  People can usually tell, unsurprisingly.

Oh and back to the subject of shoes…….for any girl who loves her Louboutins or Choos you can rarely go wrong.  Pick a chic modern new style and allow her to change them if she wants.  What girl doesn’t love shoes?  And with lingerie take care – it’s for her, remember, not for you, and get the size right for goodness sake.

This post has been updated.  Previously posted Feb 2013.