Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sultry or Sweet – What to Give Her on Valentine’s Day

Looking at what’s available in the shops for Valentine’s day might make you think that Christmas is back – is this just another excuse for giving gifts?  It shouldn’t be.

Do away with all the marketing hype, and the sales of diamonds for those who are taking the day seriously, and you’re left with a dilemma, what to give (if you want to mark the day) on Valentine’s Day that isn’t daft, unnecessary, frequently unattractive and a complete waste of hard earned cash.
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For those who want to give the 12 red roses (preferably ordered from a reliable source in advance and not left until the last minute), send the card, buy the lingerie and fragrance - both risky gifts in my book but I’ll come on to that - I salute you.  Go for it.

But for those who want to make a sweet or sultry gesture on Valentine’s Day here are some ideas. 
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With regards to giving lingerie make sure it’s something she’ll love, it’s for her, remember, not for you (!), and as far as fragrance goes I think you always have to be careful.  Give something in a fragrance you know she already loves, or something such as a modern floral.  And again, not a fragrance that you like, but one you know that she will love.
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If you can find something romantic, fun, sweet and unusual so much the better.  Now putting my thinking cap on on gifts for him on Valentine’s Day, none of these, of course, will do.