Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Scrub Up - The Fast Way to Perfectly Smooth Summer Skin

Everyone wants to have perfectly smooth summer skin, it would be great all year round (and entirely possible) but essential when the sun comes out and it’s time to take off the layers and expose arms and legs and more.

The quick fix is to start early and allow a couple of minutes each day, that’s really all that it takes, and use either your own favourite products or my favourites below.  If you wait until it starts to warm up yes you can achieve results, but nothing like what you’ll achieve if you get going now.  Some products are fragranced and others fragrance free so make sure you know what you like in general before you start.

There are no short cuts in terms of what you have to do, exfoliation and moisturising is the key, everywhere, but all it takes is a minute in the bath or shower and afterwards, and use products that work fast and you like the fragrance and texture which will encourage you to do this every day.

Kiehls Body Scrub Laura Mercier Body Scrub clarins Smoothing body Scrub

Everything starts with exfoliation, removing the rough dead cells that everyone accumulates and exposing smooth shimmery skin ready for bucket loads of moisture.  Do this twice a day for preference (morning and evening) as winter can really dry out your skin, and get ready for the sun to come out.

Shiseido Daily BronzeTrue Grace Body LotionCowshed Gorgeous Cow Body LotionClarins Body Lotion

As I said, don’t leave this one until the last minute, parched skin in summer won’t give you the smoothness and sheen that you want when you decide you’re ready to bare.