Monday, 25 February 2013

Pamper Gifts – Five Favourite Websites

Pamper gifts are some of the most popular gifts - who doesn’t love to be given something fragrant, pampering, beautifully wrapped and just that little bit different? And with Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought it a good time to highlight some of the best websites for special fragrant gifts.

It’s too easy, when choosing pamper gifts, to pick up a boxed set of something you think will ‘do’.  I’m of the opinion that it’s much more fun to give something you know will bring a smile to a person’s face because it is the type of thing that they like, whether it’s for birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas, but that’s also not to be found everywhere.

Designers Guild Summer Flowers CandleMaison de Vie Soap StackPalermo Shower Gel

First step is to identify the type of pamper gifts your mum, friend, colleague likes, the type of fragrance (not a fragrance itself) but more if it is floral, citrussy, modern or very traditional.  Whether they love scented candles or bubble bath, rich body lotions, make-up or modern scrubs, and then translate these into unique pamper gifts.

Trish McEvoy Sugar ScrubGazelli Spring Awakening CandlesKiehls Skin Softening Body Lotion

There are so many brands now that are available everywhere, so it’s lovely to be given something that shows some effort.  My favourite websites for pamper gifts are Designers Guild, Beautique at The Urban Retreat and Selfridges, Liberty and Fortnum & Mason for products that are exclusive to them, or not available everywhere.  You’ll find a surprisingly wide range of prices as well.

Of course most of these stores, and particularly the larger ones, offer pamper gifts and brands that are readily available, but seek out the specials and exclusives and surprise someone.

You’ll find more great places for Pamper Gifts here at The Site Guide.