Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Kiss me Quick – Clinique’s Perfect Day to Night Lipstick

Clinique Soft Bronze Long Last Lipstick

I know there are a lot of people who love their bright red lipstick, but there are also so many who wear the wrong shade of red, or it drains their face, or comes off too easily and I’ll freely admit that red is a shade of lipstick I have never gone for.  Nor pink for that matter.

Recently in the US and where several woman asked me what lipstick I was wearing (and they don’t sell it there……yawn…..).  I said that it Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in Soft Bronze.

The beauty of this little gem is that it does last a while – although never long enough – it has a subtle shimmer which means that it works from day to night, it’s moisturising and flattering on most skin tones.  And you can wear it with everything.  If you want the same look in a slightly pinker shade (just slightly) but with the same qualities, you might like to try Baby Kiss.

In the US, where I found that you can’t buy my all time favourite colour, you need to move to Glow Bronze, which is almost the same.

There are good reasons for saying that you should update your makeup regularly and not stay with the same colours, as your skin texture and colour can change both with the seasons and with age, however this is a perfect lipstick for all seasons and will flatter just about everyone.  The next time you’re at a beauty counter take a look, or just give it a try.

By the way don’t trust the pictures online for colour – many of them are completely ‘off’.  Make sure that before you invest properly you try a beauty product on your skin, and in natural light.