Saturday, 9 February 2013

It’s Not Too Late – 10 Perfect Dresses for Valentine’s Day

Michael Michael Kors Ruched Dress If you’re bemoaning the fact that you didn’t go out (or online) and find a perfect little black/red/blue dress for Valentine’s Day – one that flatters everything, hides everything and fits perfectly it’s really not too late.

As a dress collector – and yes I admit it, I am addicted to dresses as being easier and potentially more glamorous than anything else to throw on in a hurry and step out in in the highest heels I can manage not to trip up in (and there lies another story) – I would advise any clothes loving girl to get out there or online right now and find something sexy and glamorous.

Coast Goddess DressVivienne Westwood Anglomania Red One Shoulder Dress  Reiss Lace Bodice Dress Watercolour Print Dress

Even if, depending on who you’re going to be with and what you’re likely to be doing you don’t wear your new addition on Valentine’s Day you’ll have it ready and waiting for another dress-up occasion.

Issa Gathered Waist Dress  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Ruched Dress  French Connection Bodycon DressMango Lace Panel Dress 

I’m not a believer in dressing down other than, as now, I’m sitting at my PC getting over today’s monumental computer crash and burn.  There’s nothing that makes you feel better – other than a few compliments of course – than putting on something you know you look your best in. 
Issa Stretch Lace and Knit Dress
The best way to buy a dress in a hurry is to first find something you can fall in love with looks wise, next check the length (if it’s too long or too short forget about it), make sure it has plenty of stretch so that, particularly if you’re buying online, it’s likely to fit and hug better than those that don’t and if possible order more than one style so that you’ll have a better chance of success.

Being not over tall (understatement) and very successful from practice at buying dresses online and knowing what is likely to be an easy fit (no not a tent) as I hate returning things I suggest you take a look at these.  Opt for next day delivery and prepare to stun on Valentine’s Day – or any other……….