Saturday 5 January 2013

Winter’s Best Friends – 6 of the Best Down Coats and Jackets on Sale

Burberry London Down Jacket LTB Black Down Coat
Surprise surprise most of the down coats and jackets on offer aren’t in the sale because it’s still winter and the freeze is probably just around the corner, at least that’s what most retailers are Long Down Coat hoping.  But if you know where to look there are some bargains to be found…….

Because of the mildness of our winter so far, some are being ‘let go’ and so it’s worth having a browse to add to your collection a new version of your winter best friend, that keeps you warm and dry come snow, rain or shine. 

A really good down coat will last for years, act as a duvet when you want to snuggle, is wonderful for travelling and will flatter you when you’re out on the town. 
Fuornarina Padded Jacket - Black Also
When I was (!) a few sizes larger I invested in a full length Max Mara black (of course) down coat that still does duty when there’s a lot of snow, or as duvet for watching the tv on cold eveniKookai Convertible Down Coat-Jacketngs.  I must have bought it at least ten years ago, and it’s been followed by a slimmer sister but give this one away?  Never. 

The new down coats and jackets have more shape and are far  more flattering than the above, which even now makes me look like a Michelin man.  Go for the best you can afford and it will serve you well for years. 

Shorter versions look chic with jeans but won’t keep your bum warm in the big freeze.  Weekend by Max Mara Quilted JacketLonger versions will cover everything when you go out to play in the snow.  Make sure above all that yours has a hood.  A down coat without a hood is a  big mistake. 

Don’t expect huge discounts on these versatile coats and jackets, you’re likely to be wearing them well into March and they don’t go out of fashion.  When you’ve finished with it store yours somewhere safe for next autumn/winter, and make sure you don’t leave your gloves in the pockets, which I always do.