Friday 4 January 2013

What your Fitness Trainers Say About You

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As a small time fitness addict – in other words I try and go every day and enjoy the results – and I feel bad if I haven’t done something – my fitness trainers matter to me a great deal.  Gone are the days when your fitness trainers were more likely to be white or grey, with possibly a touch of silver; now they come in every colour under the sun.  Of course the most important thing is to get measured properly and ensure that your trainers are the best for what you want them for, however there’s no excuse for not flashing a bit of colour – if you like that kind of thing. 

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The options get more and more colourful and everyone, from personal trainers to marathon runners to wannabe fit girls like me are going for red, neon, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange and onwards.  A great looking new pair is just the beginning but they say you’re serious, as after all you’ve shelled out for those multicoloured babies on your feet.  Now haven’t you?

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In the US I have a Nike pair with bright orange laces and soles, and in the UK they’re grey and green.  By the way I bought both in a serious fitness emporium in the US and was fitted properly, although the man serving me did slightly look askance when he found the perfect pair and was asked if they came with bright coloured laces.  But they have been much admired… the gym.

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The new fitness or running trainers have so much more support and tread than the old, and new technology is coming into force all the time.  If you’re a serious runner you’ll be changing your trainers every few months, and it’ll be the mid-sole that gives out before the tread.  Worn out shoes can cause injury and make you feel tired much more quickly. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit I suggest you invest in a pair of new fitness trainers, and preferably something that not only fits you perfectly and gives you great support, but also makes you smile.  These are some of the brightest on the market.  Go for it. 

Of course if you like something that doesn’t shout ‘here I am’ quite a loudly, you could go for these.  Alternatively make a statement and enjoy it.

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All of the fitness trainers here are from Millet Sports – who have what must surely be the best selection on the web, and with discounts.  So go get measured, find your perfect fitness shoe and then buy it here, online.