Thursday, 10 January 2013

Snow Boots on Sale – Get Ready for the Big Freeze

Just as you thought that maybe we were going to get away with a less than frozen winter this year it looks as if it’s going to be getting very cold shortly, if not right away.  So if you haven’t yet bought your snow boots this would be a good time. 

Almost all of these boots are now running out of the door very quickly and not all sizes are available.  Stylish?  Not necessarily, but all will do the job well and in the case of the coldest weather, skiing or in the UK, you want to be warm and dry as there’s nothing worse than cold damp feet (other than snow inside your ski jacket of course).

North Face Snow Boot Cafe Noir Winter Boot (on Sale)Sorel Snow Boots (On Sale)

To stop you slip-sliding around here are some of the best of the snow boots on offer, most of which are on sale and ready to fly out of the door, as the worst of the weather may still be to come.

North Face Womens BootHi Tec Quilt BootsBlack Snow Boots

Make sure that whatever you buy has plenty of tread, and don’t think for a moment that your favourite warm lined UGG boots will do, you need thick rubber soles that will grip.  Having said that all snow boots should keep you warm in the cold, slush, frost and snow, but tread doesn’t really help with icy conditions any more than the tread on your tires, so tread (no pun intended) with care.

These last two pairs are not in the sale, but are high quality and reasonably priced, so well worth considering as well.

Calzat Fur Trim Snow BootJohn Lewis Igloo Lace-Up Snow boots

A great pair of snow boots will last you for season after season so buy the best you can afford.  They’ll be your friends through a lot of cold winters.