Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lace Jewellery – Lily Gardner Designs – Little Works of Art……

Lace Cuff
Lace jewellery is quite difficult to find, particularly if you’re an old fashioned romantic who likes to make a statement but wants to be stylish at the same time.Lace Heart Earrings 2

This is not lace jewellery as you would expect it, which is why it’s been a Vogue ‘must-have’ , exhibited in the V&A and stocked by Phillipe Starck hotels in the US amongst others but more what you would describe as retro-modern, taking the femininity of lace, combining it with perspex and serving it up in a sterling silveLace Heart Pendantr frame.

Lily Gardner, who launched her collection in 2003 and is now based with a beautiful tiny treasure trove of a store in Chelsea Farmer’s Market calls her designs ‘little works of art for dressing up and turning heads’.  You’ll understand why if you have a good look.

If you click through to her website at you’ll find not only the lace jewellery but also design discoveries such as unique Pink Lace Heart Pendant printed cashmere scarves and embossed leather totes, plus filigree pearl beaded jewellery and more.  The lace jewellery stands out as  something really special.

There are perspex lace cuffs, lace heart pendants and lace cufflinks for men, so if you want something that no one else around you has, or you want to give something unique and special, this is a gem of a store to have a browse around.  But start with the lace jewellery and go from there.  Some of it is just perfect for Valentine’s Day.