Friday, 25 January 2013

From Whistles to Sea NY – Two of the Latest Fashion Destinations to Shop Online

London boutiques Just as you thought that you knew all the best places to shop for fashion online, along came two new, totally different types of online experiences, offering brands from Whistles to Sea NY with American Vintage, Farhi and MiH jeans, Clover Canyon and Vivienne Westwood Red Label and a constantly changing roster of designers and products on offer.

London Boutiques has cleverly brought together a number of independent London fashion stores who might otherwise battle to create the shopping portal and the marketing strength on their own.  Featuring boutiques such as Austique, Trilogy and Question Air, anLizard Sandalsd bringing them into one well designed and easy-to-shop space, you can now shop for all of the brands and stores together, comparing the latest arrivals and making choosing your next fashion fix faster than ever.

Some of these stores also have their own independent online presence, the fun here is that you  can shop for them all at the same time.

 London Boutiques has paid a lot of attention to giving clean and usable space to each of it’s  stores, which you can shop from individually or by products such as dresses, shoes and bags.

Whistles Dress
Second on my list today, but by no means secondary, is Atterley Road, a recently launched designer fashion store offering a handpicked range of brands such as Whistles, by Marlene Birger, People Tree, MiH Jeans and Farhi, with a cleverly designed website making your  next fashion purchase extremely tempting and almost too easy.

There’s all the information you could possibly need about every item you’ll find here, as well as lots of information about the individual brands, and the photography is both on an off models wJigsaw Bagith videos of many items making it even easier to get up close and personal to each one.

The only comment I have is that I would like to be able to view all pages of products together, rather than having to click from one to the other, but maybe that’s just me being picky.  Overall this is a great place to shop with an excellent collection and you may well find your new spring wardrobe here at Atterley Road.