Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dallas in the Snow and 5 Coats to Snuggle Up In

Having travelled to Dallas yesterday it was with little surprise that on arrival it was almost as cold as the UK, as if you don’t check before you leave when you’re travelling somewhere you’re likely to end up without the right clothes (so far so obvious).  However it was with some surprise this morning that I woke up to this…….and o dear I had not packed snow boots.

Dallas in the Snow 
So to those who always say to me I’m so lucky to have work in the US, (and I am), you can a) disabuse yourselves of the thought that it’s always hot here and b) enjoy a little bit of shadenfreude on my behalf. 

Having said that I love ‘weather’, so  although I don’t have the right footwear I always travel with cold weather ‘in case’ clothes and if this goes on, which it shouldn’t, I’ll just have to go shopping.  Such a trial……

Long Padded Jacket
Back to cJames Lakeland Cashmere and Wool Coatoats and the fact that this is a great time to invest in a new one as we’re reaching the end of the sales and there are some really good offers around, not so much on down coats, as folks are still going skiing and they alwKaren Millen Signature Faux Pony Coatays sell when it gets cold, but more of the high quality smart variety.

Best to look for are coats by designers that you might normally consider too expensive, cashmere  blend coats and down coats – all investment pieces that will last you for season after season.  The joy, of course, of buying online is that you can browse all the best fashion websites and see exactly what’s available in your size – and stick to your size no matter how much you love that size 10 cashmere and wool coat and no matter how strong your New Year’s resolution to be a size 10 before very much longer it’s always best to buy your current size just in case and nothing worse than having an investment buy in your wardrobe you can’t wear.

LK Bennett Plaid coatSome designers to look out for are Karen Millen, LK Bennett and Jaeger who sell through most of the larger department stores as well as through their own stores both online and off - if you can’t find that pony coat you fell in love with in the store itself offline you may well find it online.  Have a good jaeger double breasted peacoatbrowse round, someone, somewhere may well have it in your size.

This is not the time to buy cheap and cheerful, but to buy something very special that you know you’ll love for ages – after all, the sun may come out tomorrow and it’ll be on with the shorts………

Later today it’s due to go down to –3 degrees.  And yes I did bring my shearling coat, again just in case as you never know out here.  It makes a great blanket too.