Thursday, 24 January 2013

All Saints' Totally Modern Take on Spring

All Saints is one of those totally idiosyncratic brands with an individual handwriting that no matter how many try to copy, and some may get close, in essence they fail.

Originally a menswear brand, All Saints owns the market for sexy, edgy, rock-chic appeal, whilst managing at the same time to create clothes and accessories that are flattering and wearable by pretty well anyone, anywhere.  And the leather jackets are some of the best you'll find anywhere.

The important thing is to take each piece on its own in terms of evaluating if it's right for you or not, and go by the normal principles of whether or not the style is right, the fabric and cut are flattering.  You don't have to go the whole way, unless you want to of course, and invest in a deconstructed jumper dress, sequined hot pants, or oversized sleeveless leather jacket, you can pick an interestingly draped jersey dress, soft black leather pencil skirt or digital print floral scarf.

All Saints likes to think of itself as a young brand, but what comes over more than anything else is the contemporary nature of each item in the collection, with a focus on high quality fabrics, embellishment and directional silhouettes, incorporating contemporary hardware such as exposed zips combined with digital prints and sheer panelling.

When you're thinking about what to add into your new Spring wardrobe All Saints is an exciting place to browse and be bold, and come away with something modern, unique and totally different from the run of the mill on the high street.  And think outside the box.........