Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Valentine’s Day Dress Code for Curvy Girls

There is of course no Valentine’s Day dress code, however if you’re curvy and love to look good, and we know that it requires very little excuse to buy a new dress, as in ‘I need a new dress for Valentine’s Day’, I thought I would help matters along and establish a few ideas as to what the curvy girl might wear on Valentine’s Day.

Phase Eight Rosebud DressFrench Connection Bandage Dress French Connection Red Crepe Dress Coast Black Dress

Any curvy girl who loves to dress up - and what more excuse do you need than a Valentine’s Day dinner (or anniversary, or birthday or any other celebratory occasion) - will have more problems than most in choosing the right dress.  There are those dresses out there that will be perfect pretty well every time, due to shape and drape and fabric, and those designed for those with more ‘straight’ figures. 

Donna Karan Stretch Crepe Dress Crochet Lace Stretch DressKaren Millen Flower Prom DressStitched Tuck Dress

My preference is always to find something with shape and glamour appeal, so that all you need to do is to slip into a pair of sky high heels and you’re off.  These are not the kind of dresses to hide behind, these are dresses that make a statement – that say ‘here I am, aren’t I just the best treat’, so be prepared for the results.  Having said that, the trick is also not to look as if you’ve tried too hard, a hint of this….a glimpse of that and a swirl of skirt is all it needs.

James Perse Ruched Wrap Effect Jersey DressRosebud Pleated Jersey DressIssa Stretch Lace and Knit Dress Red Joseph Zip Split Dress

There are historical associations behind Valentine’s Day , and you’ll find most of the information if you click on the link.  But suffice it to say that nowadays Valentine’s Day has become full of marketing hype, an excuse to try and get us to spend money (straight after Christmas of course) with diamonds, red roses, chocolates and cards being the most popular purchases.

The Valentine’s Day dress code is something sexy, the perfect shape and length for you and a dress that makes you feel wonderful – so if you don’t get the diamond ring or the 12 perfect red roses you’ll still have a smile on your face, and the looks of everyone else in the room.