Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Warm Hands Warm Heart – the 3 Best Places for Sheepskin Gloves - Updated

There's an updated post about sheepskin gloves - please click through to it here

Sheepskin gloves become absolutsly essential at this time of year, it doesn't matter what else you wear (within reason) but gloves make all the difference.  Cold hands are the worst when it’s chilly outside and it’s at this time of year I’m frantically searching all the pockets of my winter coats to try and find that missing glove or gloves, carelessly forgotten when the coat came off for the last time earlier in the year.

There are three really good places for sheepskin gloves, you  can go for the really expensive ‘designer’ varieties but bearing in mind the high chance of your losing at least one at some time (or is that just me?) I prefer to have a few beautifully soft pairs at the ready.

Celtic Sheepskin Gloves
First off there’s Celtic Sheepskin, purveyors of everything shearling and sheepskin, from coats and jackets to excellent boots and slippers, plus clothing, and a website well worth checking out right now.  More about them tomorrow, but for  now they have different kinds of sheepskin gloves, the most popular available in three colours.  They call them machine washable, but I would take care particularly what heat you use.

These gloves will last you from season to season - expect very high quality and some of the warmest gloves available online.
Pure Sheepskin Gloves

Then there’s Pure Sheepskin a very good place to find sheepskin gloves at less than the normal price, particularly if you want yours to wear every day and you want more than one pair.  These may not be quite as delicately stitched as some of the others, but they are certainly beautifully warm and they come in a number of different styles and colours.  Gloves are not all you will find there, but it’s a good place to start, and the prices are very good indeed.

For the ultimate in luxury sheepskin gloves step no further than UGG Australia's collection of gloves, at Selfridges, where there are gorgeously warm and gloves and mittens at as-you-would-expect prices, this is not the place for your inexpensive pair of gloves but if you’re looking for something special these are worth checking out and they'd make wonderful gifts as well. 

If I had the choice I’d have a pair of the gorgeous looking UGG gloves but bearing in mind I would undoubtedly lose at least one and then be sad at the cost I’ll stick to the less expensive versions.  But they’re on my Christmas wish list, in dark chocolate brown, alongside the John Galliano for Diptyque candle.  Anyone listening?