Saturday 17 November 2012

Just in Time – t-down by Theory for Uniqlo

t-down by Theory down jacket

t-down by Theory down vest With perfect timing Uniqlo has launched its new collaboration, t-down by Theory for Uniqlo.  As they say, designed by Theory, made by Uniqlo, which means you’re going to get a designer design for a high street price.
t-down by Theory down coat
There are, of course many of these collaborations happening right  now, but following on from the success of J by Jill Sander Uniqlo has picked a wonderful moment to launch this range with products we all need from a simple down vest in off white, grey, navy or black, to a beautifully simple and modern down coat or jacket

t-down by Theory men's down jacket Theory is a New York based (though Japanese owned) clothing designer famous for clean lines and luxuriously simple though expensive collections for men and women with a style that has developed a cult following.

Uniqlo has just launched this initially very small but well priced range for both men and women, t-down by Theory, and don’t expect it’s going to hang around for long.  If you see something you love, grab it, none of this will end up on sale, it’ll most likely have vanished in a flash.  If not today.