Sunday 11 November 2012

How to Look Younger Longer

Starting with the basics, Elle is 49, Nigella is 52 Joanna is 66, Helen is 67 and the doyenne of glamorous women Joan is 79.  And have they stopped working because they’ve aged?  Of course not.  Why should they? And no I’m definitely not going to tell you how old I am.  Ever.

Look at them and think; they’re tall, they have lucky genes, they were born with great skin, amazing figures, long legs and great dress sense – and money for designer clothes.  Well that of course is all nonsense. 

They’ve all worked incredibly hard at how they look, every single aspect, and although money of course helps, in supplying expensive beauty treatments, great clothes and personal trainers it isn’t the answer and and looking younger is within everyone’s grasp.

1.   The Weighty Issue

Having lost 30lbs or so a couple of years back (and kept it off) I can tell you for certain that there’s no getting round the fact that the single most helpful thing you can do in terms of looking younger is deal with your weight.  Look up what your healthy weight and BMI should be here and if you’re over the healthy weight for your height you need to do something, there are so many benefits, from being healthier (understatement) to being happier and more confident (also an understatement) to being able to wear the clothes you want to. 

I don’t find this an easy subject to write about, as this has always been a battle as I am quite (!) short and I love food, however it can be done.  The most difficult thing is to find the motivation and I think that most people need some help, join weight watchers or get a really good friend or partner to push you on.  It is worth the effort. Or simply take pictures of yourself with no clothes on. :)

I expect you’re all saying this sounds so simplistic, losing weight is impossible, but actually what we eat and eating more is a habit, and it’s one you can change in a very short time provided you don’t deprive yourself to the point where you can’t sustain your diet. 

I decided to follow the low carb regimen, no bread, pasta or rice, no cakes, no puddings and to start with no alcohol.  Weight comes off very fast and as you start to see the benefits and feel better about yourself you keep going.  So many people say ‘I couldn’t give up bread’, well rubbish to that.  Actually you can give up anything you want to. 

There are loads of different diets, some sustainable, some not.  Starving yourself doesn’t last.  I don’t know if intermittent dieting does – the jury’s out.  I think the easiest is just to cut something out of your life altogether and train yourself not to want it.  And to have treats as well whilst you’re losing weight.  But I’m not a diet guru, I can only tell you what worked for me.

There’ll be one of these posts each week from now on, comments please.  Next Post; Why Fitness is Sexy – It’s not about what you wear to the Gym